Miguel Gómez Losada


Miguel Gómez Losada, Cordoba, Spain, 1967. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville in 1992, specialising in painting.

One of Miguel Gómez Losada’s latest motivations has been the concept of Sehnsucht, a German word typical of Romantic culture and which would not translate exactly into English. It indicates longing for something intangible, it could unite nostalgia and hope “in the form of an uncontrollable desire in man’s heart for something unknown”. This desire for a great time, as opposed to the current media, the small time, has always been Miguel’s poetics. Period painting, as he himself defines it, or painting of remoteness, where the longing for the past or for the time to come predisposes him to the remote: Versailles gardens, Spanish castles, a fencing duel, carriages, soldiers in the landscape, architectures of the cold; placing the painter’s craft at the service of the Sehnsucht, or vice versa. His painting could be considered a spiritual exercise of great beauty, depth and rare elegance.


 2020 – Everything blooms. Espacio 0 Gallery, Huelva.

2019 – Scandinavia. Birimbao Gallery, Seville.

2018 – Romanza. CAC Málaga.

– From here you can see the dolphins. Antonio Gala Foundation, Cordoba.

2016 – Palo Tambor, Yusto/Giner Gallery, Marbella.

2014 – A Russian Story, Yusto / Giner Gallery, Marbella.

2012 – Ensamble [With Juan Serrano]. Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Córdoba.

2011 – Atlas Nocturna, Mural at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de Córdoba. 20 x 2,6 x 6 m.

2010 – Visions of a new world / first flowers and other herbs / the cold, the stars. Aba Art, Palma de Mallorca.

2008 – Hope. Carmen del Campo Gallery, Cordoba.

2007 – Winter. Intervention in El Patio del Colegio de Arquitectos de Córdoba.

– Por favor pisen las flores – Urban Intervention (with Rosa Colmenarejo), CDAN, Huesca.

– Ártica – Urban Intervention in Las Tendillas Square, Cordoba – Eutopía07

– Behind the mountain. José Pedraza Gallery. Montilla, Córdoba.

2006 – Reserved Geography. La Fàbrica de Licors Gallery, Palma de Mallorca.

2005 – Garden City. Gallery Arte 21. Cordoba.

2003 – Tree. Carme Espinet Gallery. Barcelona.

2002 – Tundra. Cordoba Provincial Council.

2001 – Tundra. Rayuela Gallery. Madrid.

1999 – Fecunda. Pilar Parra Gallery, Madrid

1997 – José Pedraza Gallery, Montilla, Cordoba.

1996 – Ida. Pilar Parra Gallery, Madrid

1995 – Memory. Gallery Studio 52, Cordoba

1994 – Black Heart, Madrid

1992 – Bar Limbo, Cordoba

1990 – Culture Hall, Town Hall of Obejo, Cordoba


2020 – My house, Álvaro Alcázar Gallery, Madrid.

2018 – Estampa, Yusto / Giner Gallery.

– Landscape, Environment and Context. Com. Juan Francisco Rueda. Genalguacil Museum

– World Neighbours, CAC Málaga Collection in Fund. Valentín de Madariaga, Seville

2017 – Estampa. Yusto / Giner Gallery.

-Eight, Diputación de Málaga.

2016 – Art Copenhagen, Yusto / Giner Gallery.

– Estampa, Yusto / Giner Gallery.

2015 – Art Forum Cáceres, Yusto / Giner Gallery.

– Art Marbella, Yusto / Giner Gallery.

– Estampa, Yusto / Giner Gallery.

2014 – Creation grant, La Térmica, Málaga.

– Folk. Art Santander, Yusto / Giner Gallery.

– Neighbours II, Permanent Collection of the CAC, Málaga.

2000 – ARCH 2000. Rayuela Gallery. Madrid.

1999 – Rayuela Gallery. Inauguration of the 1999-2000 season. Madrid.

1998 – l Biennial of Plastic Arts, Diputación de Córdoba.

1996 – RipArte 2`96 Rome. Nolde Gallery, Navacerrada

1995 – Plurart`95, Murcia. Rayuela Gallery, Madrid

– Out of Focus, Young Cordoban painters. Cordoba City Council, curated by Ángen Luis Pérez Villén.