Call for artists

Call For Artists in Es.Arte Gallery
Marbella, Spain

Es.Arte Gallery, the contemporary art gallery in Marbella (Spain), in its concern for the environment and its struggle for awareness and change, presents a call for a special exhibition for next June: Earth of Hunger.

From Es.Arte Gallery we insist on defending the mission that the art and the artist have always had, recover the meaning and importance that they deserve and have demonstrated throughout the history. “Civilizations are not remembered by their business people, their bankers or lawyers; they’re remembered by the arts“. We fight for the artist can express himself, transmit his message to the world, and be part of the art, transcending through his person and work.

With this call we want to find artists to connect with, artists who feel identified and want to join something great, something beautiful, art to fight for a better future. We want to connect with you.

On this occasion, for the exhibition Earth of Hunger we will select six artists who will be able to exhibit for free in this event, with a maximum of three works per artist; and three artists will be selected to permanently join the exclusive selection of artists represented by Es.Arte Gallery, at no additional charge, as well as the active art circle of Marbella and the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Earth of Hunger

Art can show us where we have been, where we are now, and where we might go. A catalyst for change, a call to action and awareness that can lead us to a just and sustainable future. An increasingly near future.

Earth of Hunger is a group exhibition that focuses on the environmental theme, gathering works of art with a disposition to sensitize the population regarding the land we inhabit. Climate change, ecology, pollution, conservation, recycling, sustainability, fauna and flora in danger. An exhibition that crosses the limits of the visual and enters inside us to transmit its unpostponable message.


Marifé Nuñez
Artist and graphic designer with an extensive professional career, she has exhibited in Milan, New York, Korea, etc. Now she wants to combine her know-how as a publicist, artist and gallerist to create a gallery where talent and genius are the opportunity for the artist. Surrounded by expert and enthusiastic collaborators, she bets for a modern, extroverted and avant-garde gallery, where the limits of expansion stretch beyond the exhibition space.

Ettore Bossi
He was director of the Houses of Art gallery. Expert in contemporary art. He currently works as an art advisor and consultant.


Pedro Pizarro
Former director of the Picasso Foundation, he currently works as a cultural manager and art critic. Performing the profession since 1985. He was director of the Jornadas de Arte Contemporáneo, for ten years. He had his own gallery and was director of the College of Architects. He has curated more than 90 exhibitions in Spain, Chile, Argentina, Serbia and Ireland. He has written about art for Diario 16 and Diario Sur.

Joop Huisman
He has lived in Spain for 15 years, he had his own gallery “Colores del Girasol” in Marbella. Since 2002 he works as an art dealer in the secondary market. Joop manages the purchase and sale of works of art for important collectors. He works together with distributors, curators and experts who manage important private collections and museums around the world.

Jesús Chacón
Photographer in active. He has worked for international brands such as Dior or Hermès. His photographs have been published in different media and magazines such as El Mundo, El País, Absolute or Mondo Sonoro. His work has won several awards, among others, the bronze LAUS in 2013 and the First Prize of the International Tour Film Festival of Rome 2015.

The Gallery

Es.Arte Gallery is an art gallery that focuses on innovation, transparency and artistic quality. Its objective is to promote contemporary art in Marbella (Spain) so that it becomes in the place of reference for art lovers.

Enthusiasm, work, creativity and passion. Are the values that have led the artist Marifé Núñez to launch this initiative. Knowing first hand the relationships between artists and galleries, offers his “How Now” in order to be the perfect connection between the artist and the collector.

A gallery supported by a professional team of the art sector, in which artists, curators, dealers, interior designers and architects contribute their knowledge and experiences to make a difference in this exciting activity.


Date of exhibition:
From June 15th to June 30th, 2018.

Entry Deadline:
April 15th, 2018, at 00:00.

Es.Arte Gallery, Marbella, Spain.

Selection of six artists for exhibition and sale.
Selection of three artists for representation and continuous sale.

Number of works:
Maximum three works per artist.

Accepted categories:
· Painting
· Sculpture
· Photography
· Drawing
· Digital art
· Video
. Performance

– Mass production works or handicrafts such as clothing, jewelry or accessories are not allowed.
– Works that are not properly framed and prepared for exhibition on the wall are not allowed.

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    Symbolic price of € 25 EUR. The price includes the work of selection, installation, catalog printing, study of works and biography of the artist, advertising in the press, attention to the buyer, online catalog, promotion in social networks, advice, opening party, among other services.

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