An Andy Warhol can be yours


20,66  IVA Included

This Christmas Es arte Gallery launches the raffle “AN ANDY WARHOL CAN BE YOURS” a limited edition of the series Mick Jagger 15x10cm (1975) signed by both Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger, a small Collectible piece that wants to help raise funds for the Harena Foundation in Malaga:   ¨Soledad 0 Vida 10″, accompaniment to the elderly or through volunteers, and in the Ethiopia project “A gift that illuminates their lives” for 119 huts living in total darkness.

Tickets will be on sale from the 5th of December through our website: or it can also be purchased physically in the San Pedro gallery or in Magna Café.

The draw will take place on January 16 with only one winner whose name or winning number will be published on the Es Arte Gallery website.

Combining art and solidarity is a unique opportunity to encourage the desire for collecting, but above all to help improve the living conditions in the towns of Gore Ketema, Jebene and Kasso Abo (Ethiopia).


Time left:

Lottery ends: 16 January, 2020 12:00 am
Timezone: UTC+0

This lottery is limited to 500 tickets

Tickets sold: 0

0 500

This lottery will have 1 winner



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