Irene Baon


Irene Baon (1984) graduated in Fine Arts and Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since she was a child, she used art as a means of expression and, over time, she turned her vocation into a profession. Under the tutelage of Gerardo Pita, a renowned hyper-realist artist, Irene learns the importance of observing detail; and once she has acquired the technique, its restless and innovative character, leads her to investigate the great contemporary artists and let herself be carried away by new inspirations.

This is how the artist discovers the work of Jackson Pollock and is totally fascinated by the movement of abstract expressionism. With the experience already acquired, she decides to devise her own technique which she will call ‘figurative drip painting’ in which, by means of controlled movements in which the brush must never touch the support, she gives shape to the painting. Irene’s artistic background is perfectly reflected in the final result of the work since, when seen from close up, the painting looks like an abstract piece, but as we move away, her realistic figure emerges. It is a kind of double game where the artist can play at being chaotic through the explosion of colors and strokes, but reminds us in the distancing, the importance of that more classical learning of art. The early observation of the detail acquired thanks to her master in combination with her energetic and perfectionist character, make Irene Baon’s work a complete work of absolute precision.