Verónica Mar


“My research aims to find a balance between volume, shape and space emphasizing emptiness instead of mass. Inspired by Brancusi, I also continually seek the essence of life through organic lines and forms.

These organic shapes draw the air as an ethereal calligraphy subtly playing with texture, color and ever-changing reflections caused by light.

The combination of classic and avant-garde materials such as steel, brass, aluminum and new materials such as Krion (acrylic stone) and carbon fiber allow me to articulate indoor and outdoor spaces with different levels of privacy.

My sculptures are like a spiral: they move upwards, which suggests both physical and mental growth and ideas of purity and asceticism through a minimal objective presence.

And in this sense, interaction with the viewer is important as he becomes part of the sculpture and engages in a challenging introspective dialogue in which he can recognize himself.

I have always been attracted to the monumentality of Anish Kappor, the essentialism of Donald Judd and the atmospheric installations of James Turrell. They all served as my inspiration to articulate a dialectic of the eternal and the ephemeral, the empty and full, the light and the darkness …

I feel that my work of art is a metaphor for the individual and his quest for freedom, emancipation and self-realization.”

Verónica Mar

About me:

Verónica Martínez Guerrero was born in Granada, Spain, on August 15, 1979.

1999-2005 – LICENSED IN FINE ARTS. University of Barcelona. Spain.

2001-2004 – LICENSED IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Eina School of Art and Design, Barcelona. Spain.

In 2010, after 4 years in England working as an interior designer for different design and architecture studies, Verónica Mar returned to Madrid to found her studio, where she worked with sculptors to produce her unique pieces.

Veronica Mar became an internationally recognized and award-winning designer who exhibited at some of the most important international fairs such as Milan, Paris and London, presenting her designs as unique pieces, with the same concept she now does with sculpture: Essential The complete form.

She currently lives and works in Madrid creating pieces for clients from all over the world.