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Marifé Núñez

Enthusiasm, hard work, creativity and passion were the values that drove the artist Marífé Núñez to create Es Arte Gallery, fulfilling her dream of having an exhibition space to share her knowledge of art and marketing, driven by the desire to help other artists to create the necessary links with collectors.

During these 4 years, the dream has been consolidated with the conviction that we are dealing with two very different universes that coexist in parallel in search of an encounter.

On the one hand, we offer advice to artists in their positioning process and on the other hand, as an art consultancy, we will advise you in the process of choosing artworks for your personal acquisition.

In short, our aim is to be the bridge between the two parts, establishing the different channels; online, in person or at fairs, so that Es Arte gallery can be that meeting point.

Exhibition: ALBUM

Chanivet – Paco Sanguino

Vernissage: April. 29, 7.00 p.m


The EsArte Gallery in Marbella will host the exhibition “Álbum” from the 29th of April until the 28th of May. The exhibition brings together a selection of works from the most recent production of the artists Chanivet and Paco Sanguino, with the common point of the relationship between space and time.
Chanivet, after a time focused exclusively on working with monochrome drawing, now starts from reflections on old sketches, images and/or ideas that were not developed and that now appear as finished composite works, compiling in each one of them an unused iconography and that now appear in full colour on the same surface forming new scenographies. Reflection on the elements adjacent to the self, education, time and landscape are once again very present.
The exhibition brings together works in which large formats predominate, with clear influences from his previous work, and which reflect on space-time and its narrative tension. A recurring theme in his work.
Paco Sanguino focuses his work on the immediate, on the moment. “Living teaches you to select priorities and you almost always get it right if the priorities are close to your life project, which is why life is sometimes photogenic, immortalising the moment is extremely important.
On the planet, 65,000 selfies are taken every minute, so 93,600,000 selfies are taken every day. Man has learned to use modern resources to immortalise himself infinitely more often and faster than forty years ago.
Since the beginning of the 20th century, photo albums were books in which people described their lives in the form of images.
My current work consists of looking for those images, where some people had a couple of minutes of glory, that moment would never happen again, probably others, but that moment would never come back.”
Technical sheet:

Exhibition: ALBUM
Artists: Chanivet (Puerto Real, Cádiz) and Paco Sanguino (Marbella, Málaga)
Opening: 29 April 2022 at 19;00 – 21:00.
Date: 29 April to 28 May 2022.
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