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Fall in love with a artwork is to recognise your soul through the artist mirror

Marifé Núñez

Enthusiasm, hard work, creativity and passion were the values that drove the artist Marífé Núñez to create Es Arte Gallery, fulfilling her dream of having an exhibition space to share her knowledge of art and marketing, driven by the desire to help other artists to create the necessary links with collectors.

During these 4 years, the dream has been consolidated with the conviction that we are dealing with two very different universes that coexist in parallel in search of an encounter.

On the one hand, we offer advice to artists in their positioning process and on the other hand, as an art consultancy, we will advise you in the process of choosing artworks for your personal acquisition.

In short, our aim is to be the bridge between the two parts, establishing the different channels; online, in person or at fairs, so that Es Arte gallery can be that meeting point.



from the 17th of September

BIRDS IN MY HEAD is the exhibition proposal of the artist Marifé Núñez, a personal reflection that narrates an introspective, sensitive and intimate fiction, investigating the evolution of the stages of a woman’s life. As a catalyst, each of the works that make up the exhibition function as a harmonious device charged with soul and beauty, with which it aims to spread a critical and conscious message through aesthetics. Sensuality, security, and commitment merge in a perfect balance. This series consists of female images enveloped in an acidic and chimerical spectral halo that contains a great symbolic charge. The different birds that crown the women portrays the facets the artist wants to highlight; strength, freedom, wealth, beauty, creativity, and success. It is a work carried out with great epicness, honesty, and discipline, resulting in a tasteful and visual art, full of criticism and responsibility, which in turn moves away from the political cliché and gives power to the electrifying, artificial, and fictitious atmospheres, recreating a dream world, desirable and utopian, an ideal space to live in, between poetry and illusion.



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