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ARMONÍA VITAL : La perfecta interacción

16.10.2023 – 06.01.2024


TATIANA BLANQUÉ / Vital Harmony: The Perfect Interaction

Tatiana Blanque’s work is characterised by its focus on the relationship between nature and the human being. Through her paintings, she seeks to highlight the interaction and mutual dependence between the two.

Her subtle and delicate strokes, somewhere between abstraction and figuration, made with marker and ink, capture the essence and beauty of natural elements. Drops of oil paint add a touch of emotion and expressiveness to his works, evoking the weeping of plants and conveying a sense of vulnerability and fragility.

In her depictions of trees, leaves, branches, sun and moon, the artist seeks to convey an intimate connection with nature. Through her art, she invites the viewer to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, but also to reflect on our responsibility as human beings in its preservation.

Concern for the environment is a central theme in his work. With her unique style and her focus on nature, Tatiana Blanque seeks to raise awareness of the importance of caring for and protecting our natural environment. Through her art, she invites us to reflect on how our actions affect nature and how we can take action to preserve it, inviting the viewer to reflect on our relationship with the natural environment and the importance of its conservation.



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