Gallery Weekend

Marbella 2020

MUAC – Union of Contemporary Art Galleries of Marbella which includes: Badr El Jundi, Es Arte Gallery, Isolina Arbulu, Reiners Contemporary Art, Sholeh Abghari, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery and Yusto/Giner. They are pleased to invite you to the first edition of the Marbella Gallery Weekend.

Under the slogan Now more than ever we NEED art, MUAC is promoting the MARBELLA GALLERY WEEKEND, with the aim of raising awareness of the effervescent contemporary art scene that has been developing for some years now in the city of Malaga.

This weekend will present everything from photography, painting and installation – with a programme ranging from established names in Spanish photography to … A walk through international contemporary art from Portugal, Brazil, …. to Iran and exhibitions with a political and social connotation (Summary of the exhibition programme of the galleries).

The capacity will be very limited and all security measures will be taken, so please confirm your attendance.


Feminism and identity underlie the eminently feminine work of Teresa Carneiro (Portugal 1977). Behind her images of melancholy, there is a latent revulsion that invites us to become aware of how today’s woman lives and shows herself – in developed societies – empowered in the different spheres in which she develops, materialising each of her facets in a particular effigy that would act as a symbol or analogy.

In line with this preponderant definition, I recall, obiter dictum, the historical anecdote that surrounded Matisse when in 1095 he presented, to the astonishment of many, the marvellous work Woman with a Hat, a portrait of Amalie Matisse, a strong and determined woman who worked as a milliner to support her family before glory came to the brilliant painter.

Without the portrait sitter’s physiognomy itself being a determining factor in the approach to the work, and following Mallarmé’s recommendation, Matisse painted his wife under her emblem of triumph, and this is, in essence, giving painting a transformative capacity based on critical reasoning. Something similar happens with the work of this artist.

The metaphorical connotations that Carneiro gives to each of her creations require our intellectual faculties in order to exert a notable influence. She grants them an external perfection that strips the work of its metaphysical character and this is interesting because of the overwhelming reality it represents: women looking at women.

With his work, Carneiro uses an impossibly beautiful figuration that highlights individual problems through imaginary portraits that, with their profound gaze, question the viewer so that he becomes imbued in his psyche and empathises with the image beyond what he sees, and he achieves all this through an extraordinary mastery of drawing and colour, which he uses on die-cut wood.

Sometimes we do not need to resort to encrypted images to reveal profound contents that speak of the needs that we women continue to demand today. Emotive figuration is called to be the bearer of a social and political potentiality in postmodernity, the era in which a fourth wave of feminism is in force, beginning with the second decade of the 21st century. That is, the era in which we live.

Patricia Bueno del Río

Marbella, november, 2020

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