Fair 2021


Urvanity Art in Madrid celebrates its physical edition from 27th to 30th May 2021. However, we want our fifth anniversary to become a reality as soon as possible. Therefore, we present URVANITY SOLO SHOWS 2021, a preview of our fair in online format with solo exhibitions of artists that you can discover from 24 February to 28 March on the new digital platform.

Welcome to URVANITY SOLO SHOWS 2021!

Speak about new art is to promote a contemporary project with a historical perspective, because it is clear that “everything that is not tradition is plagiarism”. In particular, Urvanity vindicates proposals that, based on the artistic expression developed in the urban context from the 1970s onwards, today build a dialogue with modernity and, therefore, offer a scenario in which to explain the world. For it is not only a question of attending to the set of formal choices that an artist makes, but also of understanding the public place where he or she configures his or her work and also of ensuring that the latter communicates at least an experience of the aesthetic order.

However, Urvanity also wants to explore and imagine possible future scenarios for this New Contemporary Art, thanks to the complicity with other initiatives and with the different cultural agents of the city. In order to support the production and dissemination of ideas, and to facilitate the access of a wide audience to these contemporary creative practices that outline a vast cultural and urban landscape.

Urvanity Art,