from 29 of October to 30 of November

Es arte gallery presents a clearly feminine exhibition, where two contemporary artists clearly share their artistic understanding.

TERESA CARNEIRO (Portugal 1977)

Within Teresa Carneiro’s creative space, without following fashions or styles, her work is expressed predominantly by women, in search of gesture and an imploring need to feel alive. Each work tells a story, a voice that whispers secrets like a window that opens to the abyss of the unconscious.

Melancholic women of apparent fragility manifest their empowerment through the geometric lines that crown the material force in contrast to their spiritual and feminine being.

Their work is charged with figurative pop reminiscences, together with an extraordinary mastery of drawing, colour on wood and die-cut shapes in order to encompass not only the dimensionality of the Spatial Universe, but also the Universe of Ideas, the Universe of all Possibilities…. of life and death… of the visible and the invisible…

Teresa Carneiro, in recent years, has managed to impose herself in the difficult market of contemporary art, tracking today an inevitable name not only in Portugal but also in the different countries, with participation in international fairs and important art galleries.

AMÉLIE DUCCOMUN (Franco-Suiza 1983)

With Amélie Duccomun we enter the world of abstraction, where the senses are revealed to look, listen, breathe, dream, and then stop to observe, feel, contemplate…

The series we present was created in Spain, where Amélie Ducommun expresses her passion for nature and, more precisely, for water, through a poetic abstraction of marked sensitivity.

With a firm knowledge of balance and harmony, Amélie Ducommun merges with the transparency of water, fluidity, light, reflections and matter,

Her colour palette varies according to the natural environment and the light around her, that of Amélie Ducommun has been enriched with new colours. The earth has lent her its red, brown or yellow ochres, and the aquatic vegetation its greys and blacks, where the blue-green colour makes its appearance.

Her compositions are centred on motifs, strokes, natural oscillations, full of the strength and beauty of the four elements which inspire the artist, giving her the sense of her creation.

Amélie Duccumon, at the age of 36, has already had more than 100 exhibitions worldwide (France, Spain, USA, China, Italy, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Portugal…) and has participated in various art fairs (Art Miami, FIAC, Art Central Hong-Kong, Art Elysée, Art Madrid, Art Stage Jakarta, Estampa, Art Shenzhen, Just MAD…) and biennials (Beijing, Dakar…).

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