Interview to the Artist Marifé Núñez, Sara Sanz Aldea (The Biombo)

We are pleased to share with our readers, this post made by the blogger Sara Sanz Aldea in her art blog The Biombo where she seeks to promote and publicize the great artistic quality that we can find in Spain in terms of works, galleries and artists.

In the following post she carries out a small interview with the artist from Cordoba Marifé Núñez, analyzing the reasons for her beginning and passion for the world of art to deepen her commitment to the obas that seek to enhance the empowerment of women and the value of spirituality.

Marifé Núñez is an artist with a great sensitivity for gender equality and the value of spirituality. In her interview for The Biombo she makes the viewer an active part, so that with the help of art, her soul flows without limits after a deep inner search.

1.- When does your passion for Art arise?

The passion for art has always been present since I was a child. Although it was very difficult for my parents to understand that I wanted to be an artist, apart from the fact that I didn’t even dare to propose it.

It was one summer that I happened to start working as a design assistant in a magazine and I was asked to do an illustration, from that moment on I did them all. That day I felt that there was a way to be creative and commercial at the same time.

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