Solo Exhibition: Birds in my head

Marifé Núñez BIRDS IN MY HEAD SOLO EXHIBITION : MARIFÉ NÚÑEZ Critic Text: Patricia Bueno The idea of this project revolves around an introspective and sensitive, intimate fiction that explores the evolution of the stages of a woman's life from a modern perspective, with the idea of female empowerment in the search for gender equality [...]

Exposición Álbum: Chanivet – Paco Sanguino

ChanivetPaco Sanguino ALBUM Chanivet - Paco Sanguino ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS : COMO HACER UNA VANITAS EN LA POSVERDAD Patricia Bueno del Río In these days, approaching fatalism is not something that is alien to us. What's more, it springs to mind every time we put our feet on the ground, regardless of the generation to [...]

Rosewood Exhibition: Imaginary of Remoteness

Alba Cortés Rosewood, imaginary of remoteness - Alba Cortés - The exotic aroma of painting Critical Text: Patricia Bueno "The town of Holcomb is on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonely area that other Kansas people call 'back there.'" (Truman Capote, opening lines of "In Cold Blood"). To slide sensorially through your [...]


MIGUEL NÚÑEZ BACK TO EARTH - Miguel Núñez THE PRESAGOSITY Patricia Bueno del Río Returning to the earth as a figurative action involves a kind of fiction, whichever way you look at it. It is legitimate and automatic that we associate with what we assume to be strange a certain aspect of the everyday meaning [...]


NORBERTO GIL REBECA FERRERO FERNANDO CLEMENTE SANTIAGO PICATOSTE Jorge Hernández Jorge Hernández NEW POST-PICTORIAL ABSTRACTION Fernando Clemente - Norberto Gil - Santiago Picatoste - Rebeca Ferrero The foundations of the symbol Patricia Bueno del Río       Around 1940, Barnett Newman asked himself why paint, possibly because in his time, the conceptual was making [...]


EARTH HUNGER II - FIGURATION IN TIMES OF TRANSITION   Es.Arte Gallery, presenta la exposición Tierra de Hambre: La figuración en tiempos de transición, la tercera  edición de la colectiva anual que desde 2018 lleva a cabo la galería con un objetivo social: La lucha por la concienciación. (Tierra de Hambre y Be woman & [...]


JUAN NARANJO PACO SANGUINO RICHARD WESTERHUIS DES-SOCIALISATION Es arte gallery invites you to reflect on the different questions arising from the reality that befalls us through the eyes of three artists: Richard Westerhuis, Juan Naranjo, Paco Sanguino From 4  March to 30 de March For more than a decade, de-socialisation has been considered one of [...]


TERESA CARNEIRO SOLO EXHIBITION, GEOMETRIES IN THE FEMALE BEING AND HER FREEDOM Stratigraphic disclosure of emerging ideas Feminism and identity underlie Teresa Carneiro's eminently feminine work (Portugal 1977). Behind her images of melancholy, there is a latent revulsion that invites us to become aware of how today's woman lives and shows herself - in developed [...]


TERESA CARNEIRO AMÉLIE DUCOMMUN TERESA CARNEIRO – AMÉLIE DUCOMMUN from 29 of October to 30 of November   Es arte gallery presents a clearly feminine exhibition, where two contemporary artists clearly share their artistic understanding.   TERESA CARNEIRO (Portugal 1977) Within Teresa Carneiro's creative space, without following fashions or styles, her work is expressed predominantly [...]

Collective Exhibition Summer 2020: Parallel Times

SALUSTIANO SANTIAGO PICATOSTE JORGE HERNÁNDEZ Display content from Click here to display content from Always display content from Open content directly PARALLEL TIMES 14/08/ to 30/09/2020 JORGE HERNÁNDEZ – SANTIAGO PICATOSTE - SALUSTIANO Tres tipos raros y la pintura (Texto Crítico Andrés Isaac Santana) Con todo y el fervor desmedido de sus [...]