Amélie Ducommun


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Amélie Ducommun is a French-Swiss artist born in 1983, graduated from “L’Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Paris” (ENSAD) and the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

At 36 years old, she has already had more than 100 exhibitions around the world (France, Spain, USA, China, Italy, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Portugal …) and has participated in various art fairs (Art Miami, FIAC, Art Central Hong-Kong, Art Elysée, Art Madrid, Art Stage Jakarta, Estampa, Art Shenzhen, Just MAD …) and biennials (Beijing, Dakar …).

In 2009, after graduating from ” L’Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Paris ” (ENSAD), Amélie passed the competition of the ” Academie des Beaux Arts ” to represent French painting in Spain for two years at the Casa de Velazquez; during those two years she produced and exhibited in numerous exhibitions and galleries her works on “Moving Landscapes” and “Furtive Landscapes”.

After these two years in Spain, she was invited by the Miró Foundation in Mallorca in 2011 to produce works that interact with the island’s landscape in Joan Miró’s Summer Studio. She worked in the streams for 4 months and two of her works were acquired and exhibited by the Foundation, “El Río Negro” and “El Río Rojo”. She will also be the winner of the “Georges Wildenstein Award” that same year.

Amélie Ducommun was selected to represent France during the 9th Francophone Games (painting) in Nice where she won the silver medal. (2013)

In 2014, she was invited to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between France and China through numerous exhibitions in China (Beijing, Shanghai, etc.).

Since 2015, she has exhibited her work all over the world, with different galleries representing her work.

Amélie Ducommun has almost always painted, nature has always captivated her and inspired her work. The origin of her work lies mainly in the questioning of memories, the perception of landscape and the interrelationship of natural elements. Each light of a country, of a place offers a particular harmony. She searches, discovers, apprehends this light in each place. It is in this sense that she likes to travel, to find her first impression about things.

Her work tells us about nature, water in particular, and memory. She likes to find her first feeling, the feeling that the landscape she found expresses a truth. With this need in her work to reach a neutral or virgin place where everything must be felt by her for the first time. She always walks in the landscapes she passes through, because it is by walking that one enters the thicket of the landscape. In her work, there is always a coming and going between the outside and the inside of her studio.

The exterior where she gets her inspiration and the interior of her studio where she comes to repaint her emotions and her “memories” in successive transparent layers on the surface of her canvas. His paintings are memory cards of crossed places, the old memories rubbing shoulders with the new ones.

There is a loss of scale in his painting, since in his memory, he says, the hierarchy of memories becomes emotional. She likes to paint an impression of things in their totality, without forgetting their details, hence this permanent oscillation in her painting between the microscopic and the macroscopic mink.

We get lost to find our best way, he says …

We see aerial visions and at the same time details of rocks, elements …

To accumulate memories so as not to forget them, so as not to forget this first feeling about things …. because it is in these moments of intense reaction to the landscape that we have the impression of having lived

This experience began 15 years ago in front of the immense spectacle of the Atlantic Ocean…

“15 years ago, she decided to settle alone on the island of Ouessant, one year to live something else to get away from her daily life, to give herself time to see, to observe nature.

On this small island where the natural elements are powerful, sometimes winters are especially strong…

Amélie Ducommun settles there without looking for something to draw, unlike her previous travel habit, she lets herself be carried away by nature so she can see and feel … and see what she takes from it.

There is an important element in his work, always, which is “letting go”.

She thinks that in this place where nature is so beautiful, there is bound to be something going on…

So much so that she tries a quiet trip there, choosing a few square meters of Penn Arland beach by choosing the surf space where the waves break on the beach.

Some people sometimes choose to take a sabbatical to travel, she chooses a year of immobility to learn to see …

With each wave they come to print shapes on the ground, prints that are automatically taken back by the sea the next second.

The memory of the water is left by more or less ephemeral imprints on other elements…



September « Art Elysée » with Galerie des Tuiliers, Paris FRANCE

June « Solo Show » with Shiras Galeria, Valencia SPAIN

May « Solo Show » with Koo Gallery, Hong-Kong CHINA

May « Duo Show » with Galeria Shiras, Valencia SPAIN

March « Art Madrid » with Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz, Madrid, SPAIN

March « Just Mad » with Loo & Lou Galerie, Madrid, SPAIN

March « Lille Art Up » with Galerie des Tuiliers, Lille FRANCE


December « Art Miami » with Koo Gallery, Miami, USA

December« Group show » Galerie des Tuiliers, Lyon FRANCE

October« Duo Show » with Galerie K, Barcelona SPAIN

October « Estampa » with Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz, Madrid, SPAIN

July « Summer show » Galerie des Tuiliers, Lyon FRANCE

March« Group Show » with RV Cultura galeria, Bahia, BRAZIL

February« Art Madrid » with Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz, Madrid, SPAIN

February « Lille Art Fair » with Galerie des Tuiliers, Lille FRANCE

February« Art Karlsruhe » with Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz, Karlsruhe, GERMANY


December « Solo Show » with Galerie des tuiliers, Lyon, FRANCE

November « Estampa » with Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz, Madrid, SPAIN

October « Duo Show » Park view Art Gallery Hong-Kong CHINA

October « Art Elysée » with Galerie des Tuiliers, Paris FRANCE

September« Art Shenzen » With Parkview Art Gallery, Shenzen, CHINA

July  Solo Show Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz Madrid SPAIN

June « Summer Show » La galerie des Tuiliers Lyon FRANCE

June « Summer Show » Gallery Elena Shchukina London Mayfair, UK

March “Art Central HK”  with Parkview Art Gallery Hong-Kong

March « AFF Brussel » with la galerie des Tuiliers, Brussel BELGIUM

February “Art Madrid Art Fair” With Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz Madrid SPAIN

February Lille Art Up Fair With La galerie des Tuilliers Lille FRANCE

January – March ” Gallery 13″ Minneapolis USA


October « Art Elysée Art Fair », with La galerie des Tuilliers Paris FRANCE

September « Art Shenzen » with Parkview Gallery, Shenzen, CHINA

September « Pop-Up show » with First Gallery, Geneva, SWITZERLAND

August « Arts stage Djakarta » with Parkview Gallery, Djakarta, INDONESIA

July – August Parkview Gallery, Hong-Kong, CHINA

June- July “Winsor Gallery” Vancouver CANADA

April – May  “Wall Gallery”, Dallas USA

March -December “Casa da Cerca”, Lisbon PORTUGAL

March – April “Galerie des Tuiliers”, Lyon FRANCE

January -May “Elena Shchukina Gallery”, London UNITED KINGDOM


November Start art Fair with “La Galerie des Tuiliers” Strasbourg FRANCE

October FIAC off with “La galerie des Tuiliers” Paris FRANCE

June – August “Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez”, Bordeaux FRANCE

March – April “Galerie des Tuiliers”, Lyon FRANCE
February – March “Midnight Sun Gallery” , Morges SWITZERLAND
January- March “Galeria Antonio Prates”, Lisbonne PORTUGAL


November- December “Galeria Esther Montoriol”, Barcelona SPAIN
October – December “Beijing Contemporary Art Biennale”, Pekin CHINA
July – August “Causey Contemporary Gallery”, New York USA

June “Caelum Gallery”, New York USA

June – July “Galerie Art Aujourd’hui”, Paris FRANCE

May – June “Institut Culturel de Chine” , Paris FRANCE

January – June “Shang Qing Culture “, Beijing CHINA

February – March “Fondation Goya Fuendetodos”, Zaragossa SPAIN

Décembre – Janvier “Prince Gong Mansion”, Beijing CHINA


Décembre – Janvier “Prince Gong Mansion”, Beijing CHINA

Novembre “Galerie A Del Arte”, Zaragoza SPAIN

November – December  “La Minoterie”, Nay FRANCE

Septembre – October “Le Somail”, Somail FRANCE

May – June “Biennale d’Art contemporain Dak’art” , Dakar SENEGAL

April – May “MIM Galerie”, Martel FRANCE

January – March “Centre d’art contemporain du Château Lescombes”,

Eysines FRANCE


November « Acropolis » Rhodes, Nice FRANCE


Nov – Déc « La maison du Chevalier », Carcassonne FRANCE

Oct – Nov MIM Galerie, Martel FRANCE

June – August « Centre Culturel », Montaut  FRANCE

February- April « La Maison des Arts », Bages FRANCE

Nov – Jan « Centre d’Art contemporain Villa Lemot”, Nantes FRANCE


Nov – Dec “Espace Evolution Pierre Cardin”, Paris FARNCE

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November – December “Espace Evolution Pierre Cardin”, Paris FRANCE

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