Alfonso de Torres



As Jackson Pollock said, painting has a life of its own. In my work I try to provoke, through a random process, that the work emerges as something alien and that at the same time it is a reflection of my personality. I rarely have a clear plan of the result I am looking for. I must be attentive to the images that I provoke and recognise intuitively and unconsciously those that in some way satisfy me. To do so, I make the necessary changes, destroying and adding elements, favouring this process that happens naturally and in which I intervene in a limited and respectful way. Although abstract forms and figurative elements often coexist in my paintings, I always try to express feelings, seeking timelessness and independence of the work with respect to references to a concrete reality.


Alfonso de Torres was born in San Sebastian. Self-taught, he began his artistic career in the 80s, and has had several solo and group exhibitions, especially in Madrid, where he lives. In his evolution we can appreciate references to German expressionism and later, on his way to abstraction, to American abstract expressionism with artists such as Cy Twombly, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline or Richard Diebenkorn.

Currently, in his neo-abstraction, in which references to current trends such as street art can be seen, he incorporates figurative elements, photography and digital printing that coexist with abstract elements, with one or the other predominating depending on the case. Chance and surprise are fundamental elements. The use of different techniques has a collage effect on the composition.


1982- I Biennial of Painting and Sculpture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

1987- Individual exhibition. Caja Laboral Popular. Portugalete. (Bilbao).

1994- Collective exhibition. Ferraz Gallery. Madrid.

Group exhibition. Gira-Sol Gallery. Madrid.

1995- Individual exhibition. IX Biennial Casa Blas. Santiuste de San Juan Bª


1996- Individual exhibition. Alliance Francaise. Madrid.

1996 – Individual exhibition. Santa Barbara Gallery. Madrid.

1997- Group exhibition. Santa Barbara Gallery. Madrid.

1998- Group exhibition. El Gallo Art Gallery. Madrid.

1999- Solo exhibition. Desirée Lieven Gallery. Madrid.

2000- Solo exhibition. Elvira Carreras Gallery. Madrid.

2003- Group exhibition. Private Collection Gallery. Madrid.

2009- Individual exhibition. Navacerrada Town Hall Cultural Centre. Madrid.

2011- Solo exhibition. Orfila Gallery. Madrid.

2013- Solo exhibition. Sumay Space. Villagarcía de Arosa. Pontevedra.

2015- Solo exhibition. Treasure Island. Santiago de Compostela.

2018- Solo exhibition, “Largo Recorrido”. Aspa Contemporary Gallery. Madrid.

2018- Group exhibition: “Libros de Artista”.  Aspa Contemporary Gallery. Madrid.

2018- “LIBRARTE” Fair: Artist’s Book Fair of Castilla y León. Burgos.

2018- Group exhibition: Aspa Contemporary Gallery. Madrid.

2020- ARTIST Contemporary Art Fair Madrid 2020.

2020- Group exhibition: “Paraleo Pop”.  Aspa Contemporary Gallery. Madrid.

2020- Collaboration Vogue Magazine Turkey.