Carles Azcón, 1982


Carles Azcón

Biography from Carles Azcón

Carles Azcón, son of Catalan parents, was born in Camberra, Australia, in 1982. The fact of travelling and seeing completely different places from a very young age deeply marked his vision of the world and the influence of his artistic thought. At the age of 9 months he travelled to Europe, specifically to Granollers and Barcelona, where he lives until the age of 9. In 1991 he and his family moved to Brussels, Belgium, for five years. He attended primary school at the European School in Brussels, where he began to have an interest in art and especially in painting. In his travels to the outskirts of Brussels and neighbouring countries he allows himself to be influenced by its landscapes and museums. During these years he attends drawing and painting classes observing nature.

At the age of 14 he returned to Catalonia, specifically to Cardedeu, Barcelona, where he still lives today. Carles Azcón receives art classes for 4 years at the Jordi Aligué Art Studio. In 1999 he studied the Artistic Baccalaureate at the Celestí Bellera Secondary School in Granollers. He began his first year in Art History, but continued to study a higher degree in Applied Arts at the Massana School in Barcelona, perfecting his pictorial technique and directing his personal interests towards painting.

In 2006 he returned to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he studied painting. At the same time, for two years (2006 – 2008), he enters the Off Massana project, a project that links the Massana School and the Spanish Village of Barcelona.

In 2010 he graduated in Fine Arts at the UB. In 2011 she obtains a master’s degree in artistic creation: realisms and environments, which allows her to mature the work done previously and present as a project: “Painting as photosynthesis”, a poetic analogy between the biological process and its creative process. Since December 2011 he has been an artist in residence at Roca Umbert, a factory for the arts, located in Granollers, where he develops his personal project in harmony with and in contact with other resident artists.

For Carles Azcón, the world of art allows him to live a path in life that is neither straight nor boring, but is always changing. It has allowed him to see and observe the world from his own point of view, to connect lived emotions, to see how the art market works from the outside and from the inside. That is why he has had the opportunity to make his artistic project known both in Catalonia and abroad, such as Marbella (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France) or California (United States).

Sometimes he collaborates with other artists from different disciplines, such as dancer Helena de la Torre, director and producer Conrad Son, or artists Pere Piquer, Albert Arribas, David Casals and Sergi Mesa.

Carles Azcón’s Education

  • 2011 Máster de creación artística: realismos y entornos, Facultat de Bellas Artes,
    Universitat de Barcelona.
  • 2010 Licenciado en Bellas Artes por l’Universitat de Barcelona.
  • 2006 Graduado en Artes aplicadas al muro por l’Escola Massana (Barcelona).
  • 1996 Estudiante en l’Ecole Européenne de Bruselas (Bélgica).

Carles Azcón Indivudual Exhibitions

  • 2016 Emotive constructions. Galería Jorge Alcolea. Madrid.
  • 2014 Mediterranium. Azcón. Hotel Grand Marina. Barcelona
  • 2014 Formes intuïtives a la natura. Color, procés i fotosintesi a l’Espai Gralla de Granollers.
  • 2011 Carles Azcón. Cal Cabrit (Llinars del Vallès). Barcelona.
  • 2010/11 De la forma a l’essència. Carles Azcón. Espai 125. Facultat de filosofia i lletres. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Carles Azcón Group Exhibitions

  • 2018 Tierra de Hambre – Una llamada a la conciencia, Es.Arte Gallery, Marbella.
  • 2017 Feriarte 2017. Galeria Jorge Alcolea. Madrid.
  • 2017 Cultur3 club. Festival de arte. Gijón, Asturias.
  • 2016 Arts Libris. Feria internacional de la Edición Contemporánea. Barcelona. Expositor;
    Roca Umbert F.A.
  • 2016 Spotlight for Spain. For ARCO Madrid. Saatchi Art.
  • 2015 Art expo. Galería d’art Jordi Miguel. Barcelona.
  • 2015 Mostra d’art contemporàni. Acció solidària. Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona.
  • 2015 X, l’Enigma com a creació. Carles Azcón. Sala Ciutat. Granollers, Barcelona
  • 2015 Arts Libris. Fira internacional de l’Edició Contemporània. Barcelona. Expositor; Roca Umbert F.A.
  • 2015 Collisions, en les fronteres del que coneixem. Espai d’Arts Roca Umbert, Granollers
  • 2015
  • 2015 XIX Biennal d’Art Contemporàri Català. Biblioteca pública de Lleida, Lleida.
  • 2015 Teatre de la Passió d’Olesa, Olesa de Montserrat.
  • 2015 Sala Fortuny del Cercle de Lectura, Reus (Baix Camp).
  • 2014 SPAMDARTS. Sala zero. Espai d’arts, Roca Umbert. Granollers.
  • 2014 Premi Centelles LXXII Concurs de pintura.
  • 2014 Setba Jove 2014. Fundació Setba. Barcelona
  • 2014 XIX Mostra d’art jove d’Horta-Guinardó, Barcelona.
  • 2014 XIX Biennal d’Art Contemporàni Català. Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.
  • 2014 Diálogo de Besugos. Exposició collectiva dels artistes residents a Roca Umbert. Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).
  • 2013 Contemporany Collisions. Galería Houses of art of Marbella. Marbella. (Malaga).
  • 2013 Diálogo de Besugos. Exposició collectiva dels artistes residents a Roca Umbert. Granollers (Barcelona).
  • 2012 Aborígens Australians. Entropía. Tinglado 4 del Moll de Costa del Port de Tarragona (Tarragona).
  • 2012 Exposició collectiva del artistes residents a Roca Umbert. A pèl. (Granollers).
  • 2011 Exposició collectiva dels artistes selecionats al Mollet’Art 201. Museu Abelló, Mollet del Vallès. (Barcelona).
  • 2011 Exposició a la Capella de Sant Corneli (Cardedeu). Carles Azcón i Jaume Muñoz.
  • 2011 Exposició collectiva de l’associació Com2Art a la galerie BRENART, Brusselles (Bèlgica).
  • 2009 Participant en les jornades del festival Inund’art 2009, Girona. “Paraules Elàstiques” amb Helena de la Torre. “Rastre, Mutabilitat i Buit”, performance fusión de pintura y danza conjuntamente con la bailarina Helena de la Torre. Percepcions de Foc Verd, pinturas.
  • 2006 Exposició collectiva: Progressió. Escola Massana a la sala la Capella (Barcelona).
  • 2001 Comisario de la exposición de final de curso de los alumnos del bachillerato artístico.


  • 2015 Fórmula Estel “Coneixes a…” amb Laura Aznar. Ràdio Estel.


  • 2012 Espai d’arts. Roca Umbert. Fàbrica de les Arts. Granollers (Barcelona).
  • 2011 Can Cabrit, Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona), centro adherido a la Xarxa Prod.

Carles Azcón Awards and Scholarships

  • 2015 Seleccionado al Premio Ibercaja de pintura joven 2015. Patio de la Infanta. Zaragoza.
  • 2015 Museu Thermalia. Caldes de Montbui. Barcelona.
  • 2015 Seleccionado en la II biennal “d’art jove de l’Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell” (BCN).
  • 2014 Seleccionado en la XIX Biennal d’Art Contemporani Català.
  • 2013 Segundo premio en la sexta edición “Art Jove Cotxeres-Casinet”, Barcelona.
  • 2013 Seleccionado en la biennal “d’art jove de l’Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell” (BCN).
  • 2011 Seleccionado en Mollet’Art 2011, Museu Abelló. Mollet del Vallès (BCN).
  • 2011 Seleccionado en el IV Premio de pintura Abstracta. La Nucía. Alicante.