Manolo Oyonarte

Self-portrait artist

“Only when I have not been aware of what has happened in the process of creation, do I know that the work is profound…”

Outstanding architect of his promotion and Master by E.T.S. of Architecture of Madrid. Doctor in Fine Arts by the U. C. M. of Madrid. Academic gentilicio by the Academia Internazionale Gentilicia “Il Marzocco” di Firenze, Italy, since 2003. Since 2005 he is Official Academician for the International Academy “Greci-Marino” di Vercelli. Italy.

From 2011 to 2017 he carries out a research on the objectivity of the art work, which concludes with a new model of creative aesthetic experience based on that of vitalist and existentialist thinkers.

In 1998 he founded the artistic group “Tres en realidad”, in 2009 the art space Ra del Rey. new stage in Madrid, and in 2010 the art group “El Emperador Desnudo” that managed the space Al Marge Espai d’art in Javea.

Member of the Asociación de Artistas Plásticos de Madrid (Visual), of the association VEGAP and of Artistas sin fronteras de Madrid.


My works are conceived as an abstract spatial structure where forms, colors, lines, letters, numbers, geometric figures and figurative elements coexist. All of them treated in the same plane of importance. There is no defined theme, nor do I intend to communicate anything, although, I don’t know why, the human being has always been present in my compositions.

At first I throw shapes and colors automatically to the support, then I contemplate the result and try to guess what is appearing. If I experience a small awe in what I perceive, I continue along that path, if I don’t throw more materials…

Only when I have not been aware of what has happened in the process do I know that the work is profound. The most important thing is to deconcentrate so that my rational part doesn’t take over the process. As Ghandi said: when the ego dies the soul awakens, it’s not easy to keep my ego (reason plus feelings) out of the aesthetic experience, but it’s the only way… I try to paint from the gut.

Individuals Exhibition

2018; Off Frame Gallery, Cracovia, Galería Espiral, Noja. Galería Fontanar, Riaza.

2017 Aspa Contemporary, Madrid.

2016 Sala de exposiciones de BBAA, Madrid.

2015 Al Marge Spaidart, Javea, Alicante:

2014 Athelierhause, Aachen. Galerie 45, Aachen

2013 Al Marge espai d’art. Javea. Stand individual en Art Madrid 2013. Galería Mister Pink, Valencia.

2012 Galería LTG, Banja Luka. galería Espiral. Meruelo. El Observatorio de Arte. Arnuero. Al Marge.espai d’art, Jávea.

2011 LTG galerija. Banja Luka, galeria Espiral, Meruelo, España. El Observatorio del Arte, Arnuero.

2010 Ra del Rey.Espacio de Arte, Madrid. Doris Gertrart gallerie, Colonia.

2009 C.C. La Vidriera. Camargo. I.B. gallerie, Berlin.

2008 Sala José Hierro C.C. Noja, Santander. Galeria Carmen Carrión, Santander. Galeria Can Daifa,Ibiza.

2007 Galería Rafael García, Madrid. Kuntur Gallery, Amsterdam.

2006 Galerie Fries, Zons. Colegio de Arquitectos de Aragón, Zaragoza. Galerie Fries. Dusseldorf. Galería Carmen

Terreros, Zaragoza. Galería Isabel Bilbao, Javea. Galería Can Daifa, Santa Gertrudis,Ibiza.

2005 Galería Can Daifa, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

2004 Galería Carmen Carrión, Santander.

2003 Galería Can Daifa. Ibiza. Galería Bourdette- Gorzkowski, Honfleur.

2002 Galería Isabel Bilbao, Javea. Galería Carmen Carrión. Santander.

2001 Galería Nela Alberca, Madrid. “Espacios quebrados” Sala XIII – Arte Actual, Torrelodones. “Impulsos esenciales”.

Palacio de Congresos de Alicante.

2000 Galería Isabel Bilbao, Javea. “Ritmos imprescindibles” Galería Carmen Carrión, Santander.

1999 Galería Casar, Alicante. Galería Barón de San Carlos, Llanes.

1998 “La forma del espacio”. Palau de la Música. Valencia. “La mujer y la luna”, Galería Viviana Grandi, Bruselas.

Galería Isabel Bilbao. Javea.

1997 Galería Santiago Casar, Santander. Galería Sardón. León.

1996 “Salto mortale” Galería Alfama, Madrid. Galería Mabel Vázquez, Lérida. Galería Isabel Bilbao II, Denia.

1995 Galería Santiago Casar, Santander. “Oyonarte, gran formato”, Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid. Galería Atelier 1,


1994 Sala Barón de San Carlos, Llanes.

1993 Sala Macarrón. Madrid.

1992 Mercado Puerta de Toledo, Madrid. Casa Lis, Salamanca. Galería Skiros. Ibiza.

1991 Sala Macarrón, Madrid.

1990 Galería24, Madrid.

1989 Sala Macarrón, Madrid.

1988 Galería 24,Madrid.

1987 Museo Fray Juan Cobo, Alcázar de San Juan.

He has participated in more than 200 group exhibitions and in numerous art fairs, symposiums and artist residencie:

2019 Just LX. 2019 ArtMadrid 19. stand galería Espiral. 2018 Atelier an der Donau. Pöchlarn. Art Brusells, Stand de galería Espiral. 2017 Art Marbella, stand Aspa Contemporary. 2016 Strasbourg Art Fair16, stand galería Espiral. Simposio de arte de SiaNoja. 2014 Art Madrid 14. Stand galería Espiral. 2013: Art Jahorina International Artist Colony, Sarajevo; Proyecto NOBO. en Art Madrid 13, comisariado por Javier Rubio Nomblot; Art Madrid, stand Galería Espíral. 2012: Itinerarios Españoles III, Instituto Cervantes Moscú. Art Madrid 12. galería Espiral; Estampa 12, stand Taller del Prado. 2011: beca LTG en Pliva, Bosnia y Herzegovina; Estampa 11, stand Taller del Prado. Art Jahorina International Artist Colony. Sarajevo. 2010: Art Jahorina International Artist Colony. Beca de la Fundación Torre-Pujales. Estampa 10, stand Taller del Prado; 2009: Art Madrid 09. Madrid. Galería de espiral; Paint a Future 2009. Art Colony. Rully, Francia; Estampa 2009. Madrid. Taller de Prado; 2008: Europ’Art 08, Ginebra, stand galería Espiral; No Bounderies International Artist Colony.North Caroline. Feriart 08, Valencia stand galería Espiral. Estampa 08, stand Taller del Prado. Workshop 07, stand galería Espiral. Estampa 07, stand Taller del Prado; Paint a Future 2007, Art Colony. Florianópolis. Bienal Mateo Soteras. Zaragoza. 2006: Estampa 06 stand Annta gallery. Sianoja 06 simposio internacional de artistas. Noja; Arcale 06, stand Galería Fontanar; ArteSantander 06 stand galería Carmen Carrión; 2005: Lineart 05, stand galería Carmen Carrión. 2004: Lineart 04, stand galería Carmen Carrión. 2003: Lineart 03, Gante, stand galería Carmen Carrión. Artexpo 03, stand galería Carmen Carrión. 2002: Artexpo 02, stand galería Carmen Carrión. Arte Lisboa 02, stand galería Carmen Carrión. Arte Santander 02, stand galería Carmen Carrión. Estampa 2002, stand galería Nela Alberca. 2001: Estampa 2001, stand galería Nela Alberca. Porto 2001, stand galería Carmen Carrión, Artexpo 01, stand galería Carmen Carrión; 2000: Europ’Art 00, stand galería Isabel Bilbao; Arte Santander 00, stand galería Carmen Carrión; 1999: II Bienal Internazionale dell “Arte Contemporáneo. Florencia, 1998: Lineart 98 stand galería Viviana Grandi. 1997: Arte Santander 97, stand galería Santiago Casar, IV Salón de los 13, Sala Eloy Gonzalo, Caja de Madrid.1996: Kunst Rai 96, stand galería Santa Bárbara, Lineart 96, stand galería Isabel Bilbao. Fundación Diaz-Caneja Palencia,. Arte Santander 96, stand galería Santiago Casar; 1995: Kunst Rai 95, stand galería Santa Bárbara; Tresors 95, Art Asia , Singapur, stand galería Santa Bárbara; Lineart 95, stand galería Santa Bárbara; 1992: X Bienal del Deporte en las Bellas Artes. Barcelona, 1989: Art London 89, galería Duris de Samos. ARCO 89,stand sala Macarrón.1988: Lineart 88, stand galería Duris de Samos.

He has received several prizes: Campo de Criptana Painting Prize, Selected for Valdepeñas Painting Prize, Selected for Heritage Painting Prize, Selected for Alcázar de San Juan Painting Prize. 1986. Selected for the Black and White Prize. 1988.

Selected for the Painting Prize of the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. 1989.

Alcázar de San Juan Painting Prize. 1990, Selected in 1991 by the Community of Madrid for the realization of the official poster of celebrations of the 2nd of May of the Community of Madrid, Cosme’Tura Prize, Ferrara, prize of the Illustrated Academy of Madrid. Since 1994 he decides not to participate in any other contest and has only participated in them as a jury.

He has been awarded a scholarship by MEAC Costa da Morte and LTG Banja Luka.


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