Rebecca Massey

Photographer Artist

Biography from Rebecca Massey

Artist photographer born in Mexico. She studied Cinematographic Production at the University of Texas, USA. (her father’s country) where she has lived for the last 15 years.

Her short film Tres Metros Bajo Tierra was shown at the Directors Guild of America as part of their Hollywood Showcase and won some awards, including Best Ghost Story, at festivals such as CinemaTexas and the New York International Independent Film Festival, among others.

He worked on some films, BBC and Discovery Channel series and as part of the selection committee at the Cine Las Americas film festival, before deciding that more than moving image, still photography was his thing.

He began publishing journalistic photography in newspapers and magazines such as The Texas Observer and The Nation, and taking photos of political figures (including former Spanish President Felipe Gonzalez) and gradually explored the world of commercial photography and Fine Arts, which in his opinion, was very similar to cinema.

She has dedicated the last seven years to Fine Arts, and has been fortunate enough to learn directly from some of the best exhibitors in the genre, such as Brooke Shaden and Eugenio Recuenco, with whom she is currently collaborating as co-producer of her most recent feature film project “W(H)ole Time”.

Rebecca Massey has published her work in magazines such as FStop, Tartarus, Dark Beauty, among others; she was named by Marek Milewicz, the curator of VOGUE Italy, as one of her best emerging talents.

His works have been exhibited in various collective exhibitions in the U.S. and Mexico. Some of his works are currently on display at the Consulate of Mexico in Barcelona, and at the Es.Arte Gallery in Marbella, Spain.

Artist Statement

Through my work, I explore the subtle world that lies between dreams and nightmares.

Not only do I create a new character for each image, but I carefully design its environment, a place that makes sense within that world and has a life of its own; whatever the character needs to be able to exist credibly within its absurd existence.

Although my medium is digital photography, landscapes are carefully crafted by hand and digitally retouched by hand.

Having a film background has defined my personal style. My photographs have been described as having a “cinematographic” aspect.

I want my images to evoke a journey into the human subconscious, that which we can only capture briefly before waking up.