Damla Özdemir

Collage Artist

Damla Özdemir artista

Artist Statement

I was born in 1984 in Istanbul, graduated in Advertising and Motion Pictures – TV. During my university studies I got to know stop motion animation and digital arts.

Since my childhood I have used all my strength and ability to express myself adequately in various ways. I wrote, drew, chose silence, touched, cut, sewed and combined; I always expressed myself. This was a natural way to get things out of my system, out of my mind. Others called it creation while for me it was more of a download. Through infinite cyberspace, I use materials that I collect, mix, mess, and integrate into forms. I use it all; eliminating its true meaning and finding new meanings, or meaningless forms. These thoughts are a form of attack of free hysteria. The machinery behind creation: my subconscious, who tells me exactly what to do.

Now, I am on my way to finding my motivation for progress in life. The collage is my only inspiration between the world of dreams and real life. Because I can shape real photographic pieces combined with the imaginative world of my mind.



  • Tierra de Hambre, Es.Arte Gallery, Marbella
  • No Necesito Silencio 4th Solo Exhibition at White Lab Gallery, Madrid
  • “First Round” Banu & Hakan Carmikli Collection Exhibition, Istanbul


  • Free Speech Zone Solo Exhibition at Gallery İlayda, İstanbul
  • Feria Dada Group Exhibition at Tigomigo Gallery, Barcelona – Spain
  • Gaia Gallery Group Exhibition curated by Marcus Graf, İstanbul
  • Celebrating 25th years of Gallery İlayda Group Exhibition, İstanbul
  • ODTÜ University Art Festival’18, Ankara
  • Pinea Linea de Costa Artist Residency Group Exhibition, Cadiz – Spain


  • Summer Collective II Group Exhibition, Gallery Ilayda
  • Luciano Benetton, Group Exhibition, Imago Mundi Art
  • ‘Dream’ Group Exhibition, Hub Gallery
  • Las Plumes Gallery, Group Exhibition, Beirut
  • The Mixup Global Project, Group Exhibition,  Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, Los Angeles, London, Medellin


  • ‘Minor Sabotage’ Solo Exhibition, Gallery Ilayda
  • “The Space of All Functions”, The Wrong / New Digital art Biennale
  • Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair’15
  • Summer Collective Group Exhibition, Gallery Ilayda
  • ‘Sözler: Barış Manço’ Group Exhibition, Galatasaray Museum


  • Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair’14
  • Merz 3.000 – The Future is Collage, Group Exhibition
  • Themeless Group Exhibition – Contactless, Gallery Ilayda
  • Kloster, Group Exhibition


  • Fresh Flesh Solo Exhbition, Gallery Ilayda
  • Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair’13
  • Themeless Group Exhibition – Contactless, Gallery Ilayda


  • Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair’12
  • Cut and Paste Group Exhibition, Gallery Ilayda


  • Dimension X Group Exhibition, Soda Gallery
  • Gram, Solo Exhibition, Independent art space for young artist
  • Holy Art, Group Exhibition, Art place for young artists


  • Edisyon Gallery, An exhibition space for independent creators.
  • The X Supersitions Group Exhibition, Torino & İstanbul International Festival of Art