Group Exhibition Chromatic Geometry – 25 October/ 22 November

Exhibition: Aurora Cid – Chromatic Geometry
Vernissage: Jueves 25 de octubre 2018, de 19:00 a 22:00.
Duration: From 25 of october to 22 of november 2018.
Address: Es.Arte Gallery. Avda. del Mediterráneo 20. 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, España.
Contact: (+34) 952 039 945 // (+34) 670 063 867

Es Arte Gallery presents, from 25 October to 22 November, the work of the multidisciplinary artist Aurora Cid.

Of Cordoba origin, Aurora Cid is a painter, sculptor and photographer with a very consolidated career in the art world. Her work is the result of an in-depth investigation of geometric form and the physical structures with which she plays and combines, giving rise to dynamic spaces that range from the sculptural to the architectural.

Her search does not cease, as she herself quotes: “And I am at it. In search of every fold of paper, of every layer of cardboard, of every sheet of metal that is IN BOX TWO in my SOUL-CEN. I walk to retrace my steps and return to the beginning after having reached the end. The ultimate essence, the one I offer to the one who looks to find his own. The essence, naked, without clothes… like the poet.

For Aurora Cid the use of colour becomes a main element that complements the work, giving it a depth that is achieved through the use of tonal gradation, a technique that she masters with great skill. Her works are developed with mixed technique on kraft cardboard that contrasts with the perfect shine of polyester resin.

He has exhibited individually and collectively in countries such as Spain, Belgium, Germany and Italy. His work forms part of the Antonio Saura Foundation Museum, Jesús Bárcenas Collection, J.C. of Castilla la Mancha, various town councils of Ciudad Real and Córdoba, obtaining numerous prizes and mentions throughout his career.

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