Olga Copado

Sculptor Artist

The artist Olga Copado was born in Madrid in 1972, in the heart of a family of the steel industry.

Sculptor of artistic-pictorial formation, her abstraction is inspired by the elements of nature. She plays with curved forms, subjecting the work to natural and forced folds. He combines steel and empty volumes in space, managing to create an effect of lightness in his pieces.

His method of working to give form to the metal is to heat it to 1,300 degrees so that the material is malleable and later he works the forms with the technique of the forge. The wood is presented in rough, as the base of the piece and without possible treatment so that the naturalness of its textures contrast with the steel.

When asked how to approach her sculptures she always replies that each one of her pieces, besides observing them, it is necessary to touch them and find the ideal perspective angle for each person. She defines it as “the captivating angle that manages to tune in with the spectator”.

For several years she has focused her work on sculpture, as it is in this discipline that she feels freer to transmit perceptions and sensations, as a result of combining lights, forms and space.