Opening – Es.Arte Gallery Marbella – Thursday the 6th of July

es Arte Gallery Marbella


Es.Arte Gallery – Thursday the 6th of July

es Arte Gallery Marbella

The Objetive to Es.Arte Gallery is impulse to the contemporary art in Marbella to get the place of artistic reference in the art business.

Es. Arte Gallery will be open up next 6th of July at 7.00 – 10.30pm, an art international contemporary gallery that will give to Marbella the best approach about art of all Costa del Sol. Marife Nuñez artist will give life to this new project and this will take to in the artistic business with a spectacular shape in the national and international way. To this event will attend different culture’s authorities and personalities will support to Es.Arte Gallery to make it self known the best way.

This new room has a high artist selection where the variety of stile is an added value. Es.Arte Gallery will show about contemporary art from the figurative until the abstract, minimalism, expressionism or urban stile, at the same time will work with the photography and sculpture.

Colin Smith, Isidro Tascón, Johan Walstorm, Rebecca Massey, Sergio Padilla, Fausto Fernández, Alejandro Don, Verónica Mar and Marife Núñez among others… They will bring in the first gallery’s shows. Everyone are in the most prestigious international showrooms.

Es.Arte Gallery join to evolution of Málaga culture cause your grand location, artistic growth in the South Europe and too the international environment from Marbella. So this gallery will get to the best meeting point about the artistic business.

Es.Arte Gallery will give the requirement and desire to the art collector and will offer the best proposals. Additionally Es.Arte Gallery will make a noise in Marbella thanks to the different events and proffer in that same showroom, like in others place too to approach the art to everyone.

The Gallery will cross his 150 meters to come in to the on line artistic business too. The digitization will be a great showcase to show the trade transparency and offer all his collection in a click. The global business without walls will be a meeting point to Es.Arte Gallery will be between the best in his area.

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