Jesús De Miguel Alcántara


Jesús De Miguel Alcántara is a naturalist, symbolist and surrealist painter with more than thirty-five years of experience in the professional field. His works are in private collections and museums. He has participated in art fairs in Seville, Valencia, Madrid, Valladolid, Barcelona and in art biennials in Spain, Slovakia and Morocco.

His works are in private collections in Italy, Morocco, France, Germany, Austria, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, USA, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Belgium and Slovakia.

Being busy and interested in the cognitive process of existence and its mysteries to be solved through research and knowledge of oneself and others. Curious and compulsive, thirsty and passionate about life, a free thinker responsible for his actions to the extent of his conscience and the laws that govern existence,

Passionate lover of Love in all its senses and manifestations possible. Aware of his immortal and imperishable conscience. Artist lover of the internal and external beauty.