Ula Dzwonik


Born in 1973

Education: 1988-1993 University of Fine Arts in Zdunska Wola.

In 1994-1998 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, where she received a diploma with honors in the painting studio of Professor Andrew Klimczak-Dobrzaniecki, has participated in several group exhibitions in her country and abroad and is the author of more than a dozen solo exhibitions.

Grand Prize of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage QUADROART 2016 / International Biennial of Painting /;

Awards of the I.J. Paderewski Foundation in Krakow and the Special Prize of Art of Palma in Leipzig

It is present in the ranking of Polish contemporary artists KOMPAS SZTUKI / 2008; 2010; 2012; 2013; and in Art Compass 2015 published by Art Domain Whois Publisher / Niemcy /.
He is a member of the program council of the Foundation for the Promotion of Art ARTAFFERA.

His works are in galleries, museums and private collections in Poland and abroad. His work is characterized by combining painting with drawing, his compositions are mainly subjective commentaries on everyday life, in which he always seeks the most relevant metaphors and appropriate forms.


1999 – “DIPLOMA 98” exhibition of the best diplomas; ASP Gdańsk

1999 – “Regards de Femmes” Musee de ville, Saint Quentin; France

1999 – “SPECIAL 98”, Art Gallery; Legnica

2000 – “In der Kunst Villa Eschebach”, Dresden; Germany

2001 – “X Visual Presentations” BWA, Sieradz
2006 – “International Biennial of Miniature 4-Częstochowa / Warsaw, Piła, Tarnów, Kalisz
2006 – III International Biennial of Pastels-Nowy Sacz
/ Krakow, Zakopane, Rotterdam, Olsztyn, Warsaw, Poznan, Bratislava /
2006 – Triennial of Still Life-BWA Sieradz
2007 – Painting Biennial of Small Form-Toruń
2007-Inspiring Humanity – Edinburgh Art Festival / The Conteporary Polish art., Scotland
2007 – The Place – Glasgow-Scotland
2007 – Quadroart -International Biennial of Image – Łódz / Poznański Palce /
2008 – “The images painted by music”- Art Palace Krakow
2009 – International Competition of Painting- “The image of public space” Gallery Profile- Poznań
2009 – International Competition “ACT” Gallery Marquant-Łódz
2009 – “Images painted by music II”-Palace of Art – Kraków
2009 -Quadroart- International Biennial of Image II-Łódz / Gallery ZPAP /
2009 – Triennial of Still Life-BWA Sieradz
2009 – MEET THE CHANGES, International Art Fair Poznań
2010 – Polish living, ZPAP Gallery Warsaw
2010 – Public Space Images, Contexts, Gallery Profile-Poznan / nomination /
2010 – “Pictures painted by music III” – Polish Landscape Krakow / prize /
2011-V International Biennial Pastel-Nowy Sącz / nomination /
2011 -Quadroart International Biennial of Image III-Łódz / Museum of Textiles /
2011 – “Medicinalis Matter, Matter Artificialis” National Painting Competition Kraków
2011-XIII Sieradz Visual Presentations BWA Sieradz
2012 – XI Open Exhibition – Łódz; ŁSEZ
2012 – VII International Biennial of Miniature-Częstochowa
2012 – 24 Festival of Contemporary Painting ZPAP Szczecin
2012 – ART IN CONTEXT; Baptist Church; zduńska wola
2012 – OTWartA exhibition; Łodz / Tomaszów; OK. Tkacz; Tomaszów Maz
2012- V International Drawing Competition; Museum of Architecture; Wrocław
2012-Triennial of Still Life; BWA; sieradz
2013-VI International Biennial of Pastel; Nowy Sącz
2013 – Kinky IMAGES , Gallery M, Wroclaw
2013 – III Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting; AUTUMN Confrontations, BWA Rzeszow / nomination /
2013 – PALM ART AWARD Leipzig, Germany / Special Prize from Winsor & Newton /
2014 – ANIMALIS III Painting Triennial; Urban Art Gallery; Chorzów
2014 -Quadroar International Biennial of Image-Łódz / Central Museum of Textiles /
2014 – XIII OTWartA EXHIBITION -,, Our Gallery, Piotrkowska 17; Łódz

2014 – POLSKIJE SLIKARIY U SPLITU”- Galeria Bresan, Split; Croatia

2015-VII Triennial of Still Life; BWA; sieradz

2016- AGAPE; Gallery ARTspace8; Chicago; USA

2016- 4 Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting AUTUMN CONFRONTATIONS; BWA Rzeszów

2016- PALM ART AWARD Leipzig, Germany / Certifikate of Excellence /

2016- XIV Sieradzkie Presentations; BWA; sieradz

2016-V Quadroart – International Biennale of Painting- Łódź / Central Museum of Textiles; GRAND PRIX

2017- WOMAN’S ESSENCE; Espace Commines; Paris; France 2017- THE CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS; BunkerMuz Gallery; Ternopil; Ukraine 2017-ANIMA MUNDI; CONSCIOUSNESS; International Art Festival; Venice; Italy 2017- ALCHEMIC BODY; Jorge Jurado Art Studio; Bogota; Columbia

2017-ATELIER AN DER DONAU; International Art Symposium; Ybbs; Austria

2018 – 20th NordART; International Art Exhibition; Kunstwerk Carlshutte; Budelsdorf; Germany

2018 – ARTBOX PRO; Armory ARTWEEKS; New York; USA

2018 – FOUR STAIN FOAM; Museum of the History of the City; Zdunska Wola

2018- THEATER; Gallery Bresan, Split; Croatia

2018- “10th International Biennale of Miniatures”, OPK Gaude Mater, Częstochowa

2018-InTERNATIoNAL Art Symposium; Gallery LUZ de la Vida; Competa, Spain

2018- G ESERIA ES; Post-exhibition exhibition; Międzyrzec Podlaski

2018- Kunstuitleen Voorburg; International exhibition; Voorburg, the Netherlands

2019- Gallery GRABSKI; VII International Open Air Painting; Kazimierz Dolny

2019-100 Japan & Poland; Embassy of Japan; Warsaw; Poland

2019- EMP GALLERY; Japanese-Polish exhibition; Tokyo; Japan

2019- DALIKO Gallery; Fifty&Fifty; Krems; Austria


1997 – painting and drawing, ASP, Wroclaw

1997 – painting, Gallery of Modern Art; Brzeg

2000 – painting, Galleries, Saint Quentin-France

2002 – painting, Museum of Western Kashubian; Bytow
2004 – painting, Polish Institute in Leipzig; Germany

2004 – painting, Kirow Galerie, Leipzig; Germany
2005 – painting, “Petite Comptoir”, Reims, France,

2005 – painting, “Palais de Fervaques”, Saint Quentin; France
2009 – Painting “Around town” Gallery under the Plafond; Wrocław
2011 – painting “POINT OF VIEW” Gallery Garbary 48, Poznań
2011 – painting “CORRELATIONS” Gallery M Odwach; WROCLAW
2013 – painting, PRETEXT, ZPAP Gallery On The Floor; Łódz

2016 – painting “SECOND SQRA” Gallery BWA Sieradz

2017 – “PAINTING”; Gallery on the corner; Zdunska Wola


2010 nomination Public Space Images, Contexts, Gallery Profile-Poznan PL

2010 Prize Foundation. I.J. Paderewski in Krakow / Pictures painted by music III “PL

2011 nomination V International Biennial Pastel-Nowy Sącz PL

2013 nomination III Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting; AUTUMN

Confrontations, BWA Rzeszow PL

2013 Special Prize from Winsor & Newton / PALM ART AWARD Leipzig DE

2016 Certifikate of Excellence PALM ART AWARD Leipzig, DE

2016 GRAND PRIX Minister of Culture and National Heritage V International

Biennial of Painting QUADROART / Lodz PL

2017 WOMAN ART AWARD / Berthe Morisot /; Woman’s Essence Show; Paris FR