Marina Gadea Mateos


Marina Gadea


Marina Gadea is a professional artist from Cadiz, Spain, who expresses energy and emotion through colorful abstract paintings. Marina represents the artist’s expression of pictorial emotion, individual and immediate.

His work is driven by the observation of the landscape and cultures found through travel and aims to connect people and places. Interested in landscape as a system of representation from which man can measure his world. The thread that runs through Gadea’s work is a great fascination with nature, along with her willingness to travel and experience landscaping.

If science is a way of observing the world, “art for me is a way of explaining it”. Inspired by science, nature, poetry and immense landscapes, I have tried to liberate context images and objects from their function in order to extract the essence and redesign their reliefs.

An exciting invitation to re-explore the world around us. When I choose a material to use, I focus on the temporalities they embody. Brass, copper, graphite, iron, are ancient minerals that have been used since the early days of humanity, are primitive and have a special and beautiful aura. I feel that I am returning to the origin of things and creation.

Artist Statement

My work is nourished by the scientific observation of natural phenomena. The works are inspired by the sciences, astronomy, natural phenomena and immense landscapes, freeing images of their context and objects from their functionality to extract their essence and redesign their reliefs.

As a whole, they show us a path towards a parallel universe – feminine, sensual and profoundly transcendental. The art to explain the world, oceanography, geology, vulcanology, glaciology, astronomy, gemology, botany… as many areas as sources of inspiration.

If science is a way of observing the world, for me “art is a way of explaining it”. My personal understanding of nature is visually linked to scientific research and artistic imagination.

Informed by a curiosity to explore and unravel natural phenomena, I immediately recognize the imaginative vision behind scientific modeling and capture the lyrical mysteries of nature through color and materials. A fluctuating duality of contrasts – the spontaneous and the studied, the inspiring and the empirical – typify my work.

The proposal is based on research into ocean floor cartography, which is peculiar and little known. We are accustomed to seeing the Earth in its most superficial aspect, preventing us from seeing beyond the sea surface.

The oceans, which occupy more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, are the places with the least cartographic information. The geologist, Marie Tharp was in charge of elaborating the first map of the oceanic ground in 1977, combined the technique of cartographic representation of the maps next to the technique of illustration, which gave rise to multiple maps that would represent the geographic limits of the oceanic bottoms.

Together with artist Heinrick Berann, Tharp created a color system to paint the maps: red for the volcanic zone, blue for the area of the abyssal plains and purple for the oceanic ridges. The result of that great documentation work came in 1977 when he presented the world map of the ocean floor. THARP gave light and colour to the seabed.

Blue Origin is a proposal of new territories to explore. Maps representing the geographic boundaries of the ocean floor while simultaneously illustrating marine features, ocean trenches and ridges.

A re-reading of the oceanic world from an ontological and poetic perspective.


  • Scientific Documentalist. Faculty of Documentation. University of Murcia.
  • Art History Studies. Arts Faculty. University of Murcia.


  • Primer Premio Pintura Diputación de Cádiz.
  • Seleccionada en el Certamen CEC Confederación de Empresarios de Cádiz.
  • Finalista Premios Concurso de Pintura Fundación Vipren y Unicaja.

Fairs and Exhibitions

  • 2019 / Just LX, Lisboa
  • 2019 / Just Mad, Madrid
  • 2018 / Art Market Budapest
  • 2018 / Berlin Group exhibition, Whiteconcepts gallery, Berlin.
  • 2018 / Convento de San Diego. Aior, Menorca.
  • 2018 / Exposición Tierra de Hambre. Es.Arte Gallery, Marbella.
  • 2018 / Galería Ror Arte, Madrid.
  • 2018 / Art & Breakfast, 4 Feria Internacional de Arte Emergente, Málaga.
  • 2018 / Museo de Guadalajara. Palacio del Infantado, Guadalajara.
  • 2018 / Galería Ror Arte, Madrid.
  • 2018 / Vizuality art, Madrid.
  • 2017 / Kreislerart, Madrid.
  • 2017 / Galería Ror Arte, Madrid.
  • 2017 / Galería Kreislert, Madrid.
  • 2017 / Galería Artagora, Madrid.
  • 2017 / WE ARE FAIR Conde Duque de Olivares, Madrid.
  • 2017 / Feria Internacional de Arte San Sebastian. Kursaal.
  • 2017 / Artbox Proyect Basel Suiza, Suiza.
  • 2017 / Art Fair Málaga, Málaga.


  • 2018 / Catálogo Exposición Tierra de Hambre en Es.Arte Gallery, Marbella.
  • 2018 / Catálogo Exposición PAC en el Palacio del Infantado. Museo de Guadalajara.
  • 2018 / The First Berliner Art Book 2018. Berlin