Collective Exhibition Summer 2020: Parallel Times




From August 14th – to September 14th gallery, presents the collective exhibition entitled “PARALLEL TIMES”. Three contemporary artists shake hands in this collective, which aims to give a touch of light in this summer 2020.

Expressions and creative moments give title to this collective, with the purpose of generating a synergic effect in the panorama of the Andalusian contemporary art. The combination of different styles of this authors generates a superior phenomenon where this exhibition or the ALL is more than the sum of its parts.

Jorge Hernandez, a native of Huelva will present in this collective some unpublished works that speak of this time. Always using the iconography that characterizes him, which refers to the American cinema of the fifties. Women and cars immersed in mysterious settings and enigmatic situations, arise from the spontaneous instinct of the artist who, with great skill, creates a unique moment where imagination has no limits.

The creation of Santiago Picatoste, born in Majorca but adopted from Malaga, is born from the superimposition of elements, layers of colours, textures and coatings, resulting in a unique work of new reading. Spontaneity and alchemy is the engine of the creative process, his most evident references arise from post pictorial abstraction in connection with “figuration”. In this group exhibition, Picatoste will present his latest creations, of which the most outstanding is the installation HYPERBALLD, made up of 20 small pieces, which can be purchased separately.

Salustiano, an author from Seville, proposes an enigmatic, powerful and even magnetic work. His work is a strange mixture of figuration, surrealism, minimalism and abstraction. Within neo-figuration, Salustiano has revised the concept of portrait.  It is art gallery, presents his drawings that with subtle and elegant strokes emphasizes the look of the characters, which speak to us of spirituality and mystery. Since 2000 Salustiano has conquered the most prestigious international markets.

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