Exhibition November 2017: From Vienna to Marbella “Flashes of Ingenuity”

Exhibition: Flashes of Ingenuity.
Duration: From 10 of november 2017 to 04 december 2017.
Inaguration: 10 of november 2017 at 19:00 h.
Place: Es.Arte Gallery Marbella.

Es.arte Gallery presents on November 10th the collective exhibition “Flashes of Geniuses” in collaboration with the Viennese Gallery BURN-IN.

Es.arte Gallery and BURN-IN are developing a collaboration plan in order to join forces and broaden both their professional and territorial perspectives and to be able to reach a wider and more international audience.

Marifé Núñez exhibited this year at BURN-IN Gallery and now Es.Arte welcomes the artists of this gallery with this collective that is part of the exhibition program: EMOTION & INTUITION, which the gallery has been holding at its headquarters in Vienna throughout the year.

For this first collective BURN-IN bets on the following artists:

Renate Polzer

Renate Polzer was born in 1947 in Bruck a.d.Mur, Styria. She worked for 20 years as a freelance artist and organizer of cultural events in southern Styria. She studied art history at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz and published her thesis entitled “Horst Reichle, Maler und Graphiker”, Biberacher Verlagsdruckerei, ISBN 392448998X.

He began his studies of painting and printmaking at the International Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg with Gunter Damisch and at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier with M.E.Prigge. Since 2005 he moved to Vienna and opened his ERPE Studio. In 2002 he received the Graphic Art Award in Bruck a.d.Mur with catalogue (preface Dr. Walter Koschatzky, former director of the ALBERTINA in Vienna). The artist was invited to exhibitions in museums, galleries and cultural centres in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Cuba and the Seychelles.

Renate’s works can be found in open and private collections and in public spaces all over the world.
She produces her oil paintings with a large number of layers and colours that are partly underneath the surface. The optical impressions are connected with transformations of previous paintings.

Renate is working in cycles, connecting her paintings, engravings and sculptures/objects. To emphasize the importance of the work “Man of Note” Renate uses the intense and aggressive red colour in the monochromatic painting. The background refers to different cycles in Renate’s work (QUIREA and FISH) and emphasizes the figure painting in complementary colours.

Josefina Temin

Josefina Temin was born in Mexico City in 1954, completed workshops in Cuallutémoc, the National Tapestry Workshop in Mexico City and Eduardo Cohen’s master class in Mexico City. She has had major solo exhibitions in museums and cultural institutes in Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, Colombia and Italy, as well as international group exhibitions and shows. Insects and seeds are his main themes.

Sculptures in paper, metal and stone. Discovering paper is one of the artist’s great experiences. The material gives Temin the great freedom to unfold completely, without having to accept restrictions. The precious material represents silence, intimacy, nobility, femininity, ductility and flames / activates the sense of touch. On the other hand, the stainless steel: male, strong, well formed with heavy machine. Ideal for large format printing. A tribute to elemental strength.

Heribert Jascha

Born in Vienna, Jascha studied painting and graphic printing at the Academy of Fine Arts and History at the University of Vienna. As an instructor he taught art education and history at the general education colleges and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He is a professor at the Social College of Vienna. He is also an honorary member of the Masarykova Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

His works are in private collections and in the cultural department of the city of Vienna. Heribert Jascha’s work is notable for its graphic representation and drawing. By superimposing the first layers of drawing, the line achieves a compression of his pictorial worlds. Avoiding sharp and noisy parts, he does not use external realities in his paintings, drawings and etchings. Jascha works with volcanic earth, terracotta and marble dust, referring to the past and the present. She prefers the colour classic black and line – both based on their graphic affiliation. In his paintings, Heribert Jascha combines colour fields with all shades of deep black to white. By connecting lines and colour blocks, he finds his own personal artistic expression.

Eva Pisa

Born in Vienna, now living between Lower Austria and Hawaii Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Vienna and degree in cultural administration. She has participated in 80 exhibitions and has taken part in numerous international competitions and art exhibitions, winning a variety of prestigious awards. She has collaborated on art projects; published drawings in magazines and books; contributed to collections of public works such as the Albertina, Ministry of Art, Department of Arts of the City of Vienna, Collection of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, corporations, banks and financial institutions.

Ingeborg Rauss

Ingeborg Rauss graduated from the European Academy of Secretaries. She began her artistic training with Professor Jacobo Borges at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg. She also graduated in Art Science and Philosophy at the Private Catholic University of Linz. She completed a university course with Professor Brehm and Professor Billy at the University of the Arts in Linz (2000-2003) and studied at the Academy of Painting in Berlin (2007-2011), where she now works as a guest lecturer. In addition to her lively exhibition activity, she is also a founding member of the Root Producers’ Gallery in Berlin and author of EX-POSITION. Ingeborg Rauss works with systems of order in interaction with natural laws, according to which man is part of a hierarchy of organisational planes.

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