1st children’s painting contest – Homage to Eugenio Pardini

Last Sunday 15th October 2017, the 1st children’s painting competition of Es.Arte Gallery took place. For this call, nothing was more inspiring for the children than the works of Eugenio Pardini, his vibrant colours, his dynamic compositions of landscapes, flowers and birds were the outstanding motifs in the creations of these children who with all spontaneity knew how to capture the soul of the artist.

Marifé Núñez junto a Augusto de Marsanich

There is a quote from Pablo Picasso that said:

“It took me a few years to learn to paint like the Renaissance painters; painting like children took me a lifetime”

Of course, a great truth, because the paintings and watercolours of these little ones are true works of art.

For the awards ceremony we had Augusto de Marsanich, Juan García Montero and Marifé Núñez on the jury. Making the selection was almost impossible and in the end we had to rely on Pardini’s best performance, as they could all have been winners.

From es.Arte Gallery we would like to thank Oksana Kuzmenko for her great dedication and contribution throughout the development of the event. We would also like to thank her for her contribution to Papelería Los Arcos, El faro del Mediterráneo, Fernando Moreno and the marquetería Don Marco.

The works will be exhibited in the gallery Es.Arte and in Fernando Moreno (under previous appointment) until the 20th of October 2017.

Participating Children:

Seva Rulev, Liza Ruleva, Eva Grodol, Anna Ermolova, Alexey Ermolov, Mateja Stefanovic, Beatris Fedynova, María Gugina Milyaeva, María Valentina Vasilenko Gómez, Arnau Gómez Vasilenko, Alexander Cherepakhov, Evgenia Cherepakhova, Sofia Moreno Lima, Diana Vilenskaya, Sofi Molnar, Masha Belakova, Lola Nieto Martin, Violeta Vellod Diez, Artemii Belov, Daniel Belov, Mireia Westermark Diez, Veronica Manzon, Alexander Manzon, Rasul Rafikov, Rais Rafikov, Maria Lyudkovskaya, Yelizaveta Dmytryeva, Mykyta Dmitryev, Milana Rodionova, Maxim Rodionov, Angelina Rodionova, Bogdan Rodionov, Andrey Zhalkovskyy, Katerina Zhalkovska, Dasha Korneeva, Anastasia Klimova, Milana Ponomarenko, Anna Klimova, Misha Lokshin, Ekaterina Morgunova, Gabrielle Ebro Khakimova, Sasha Belakov, Nikita Gilevich, Daniela Westermark Diez…

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